• Never before in our national history did the best minds of India move out in such spectacular numbers to serve communities in distant foreign lands, living amidst unusual climates, strange food habits, peculiar social customs and confusing cultural environments. Everywhere young Indians are scoring success with their performances in science and technology, commerce and art. We salute them for all their excellence and wish them even greater success in their professions.


    Those who have gone abroad with their families try to contribute their Indian way of life with the lifestyle of their adopted countries. At times such attempts create pressures and conflicts over moral values and cultural patterns. The children see one thing at home and meet contradictory situations outside. Because of this bi-cultural experience they run the risk of picking up attitudes potentially dangerous and sometimes suicidal to their future happiness and success.


    I am glad my suggestions are now fully accepted both in India and abroad. SSMS will provide an environment that will help integrate the best of each culture. It will be a cultural home away from home for our growing children.


    Send us your children. Let them have one to six years of cultural adventure during their 11-18 years of age. Let us give them a chance to understand and absorb Indian culture and heritage and return to the countries from where they came, to continue their studies. Let us build up sufficient knowledge and taste in them to feel a sense of identity with and a pride in their Indian heritage.




    "The most marvelous computer is only a product of the human brain." - Sita Sharan Prasad